Solar Learning Lab – Diepsloot School – South Africa

The Solar Learning Lab installed at Diepsloot School South Africa is creating a unique space for learning, and the opportunity for students to gain 21st century skills.

The lab is looked after by local partner Change the World South Africa, who work to bridge the skills-gap in the ICT job market in South Africa. They train students in skills ranging from PC Basics, to intermediate coding, and also host IT Technician workshops. Their intensive hands-on training programmes empower and develop young people to be competent in ICT, and enable them to use their skills to find rewarding employment and enhance the quality of their lives. Change the World will deliver the Dell Youth Learning programme and leverage the technology of the Solar Learning Lab in the most inclusive and impactful way for Diepsloot’s student population.

The Solar Learning Labs marks the first ever installation of computers at Diepsloot School, being of great benefit to over 700 students, aged 14-19.

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