Zimbabwe eClasses: preparing schools for ICDL eLearner certification

10 schools throughout Harare, Zimbabwe, have been equipped with eClasses bringing access to technology for 2,000 students in its first phase, and 12,000 students in the technology’s life cycle.

For each school, an eClass means; 20 PCs, a teacher Laptop, assistive technologies including projectors, speakers and printers, and, training and support. The schools have also each received a Connect device, which makes e-Learning accessible to offline users. The device distributes interactive learning content, videos, digital textbooks and teaching resources, meaning the offline computers can be applied to a whole host of subjects beyond ICT itself.

For these schools, an eClass brings:

  • A diverse range of teaching materials to use in the classroom,
  • Knowledge transfer of modern teaching techniques on how to utilise ICTs, through the International Computer Driving Licence
  • Teaching of conceptual subjects made faster and easier, through the PCs and digital E-Learning resources, creating time efficiencies.

The project is supported by local partners ICDL Africa and WordLinks who provide the necessary support and training to enable schools to make full use of their eClasses. Through ICDL Africa, teachers will undertake training in Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, and Word processing. For those that are using computers for the first time, they will also undertake a Digital Citizen Plus module, to raise their core skills and confidence with ICTs.

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