Environmental Advocacy

Computer Aid International is strongly committed to protecting the environment by ensuring the recycling of refurbished computers and advocating against e-waste. We distribute computer equipment only through responsible partner organisations, who we directly advise on the recycling of all computers at the end of their life.
Our action reflects the paradigm reduce, reuse and then recycle Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) – reducing the demand in the resources and energy required for new EEE manufacture; reusing EEE through national and international programs; recycling all WEEE at their actual end of useful life.
For the past 17 years, Computer Aid has been conducting advocacy work to push for better legislation to ensure the sustainable use of ICTs. Our campaign encourages legislation that compels producers to design out toxics and improve product recoverability so that less waste is generated in the first place, bans WEEE import and export, and outlaws the dumping of domestic e-waste. Computer Aid has worked with partners across the world, such as the Balkan E-Waste Management Advocacy Network, to implement policy changes in legislation to effectively manage e-waste.
These collaborations throughout various projects have included the implementation of cooperative marketing and campaign efforts to promote e-waste collection in certified recycling centers and to increase sensitiveness and responsiveness amongst governments and citizens, and strengthen the capacity of local NGOs.
In the UK and Europe we have been successful in having changes implemented as with the recast of the WEEE directive. There is however, still a lot of progress to be made in many of Computer Aid’s recipient countries.
Computer Aid will continue to conduct advocacy work to push for change, advice and support initiatives to reuse and recycle e-waste. In turn, we continue to research and to share with our recipients the best information we have on all existing safe computer recycling facilities in each of the countries in which we work.