Computer Aid International owes its success to the resourcefulness, ingenuity and generosity of thousands of partners in developing countries and the UK who share our commitment to applying Information Communication Technology for development and poverty alleviation. This page describes how we work with different partners in the UK and overseas and provides links to just some of the organisations to whom we are indebted for their support .

In the UK, Computer Aid International enjoys mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses, universities, colleges, central and local government departments, charitable foundations and other not-for-profit organisations and individuals who every year contribute invaluable funding, gifts in kind and IT Equipment.

Corporate supporters benefit from knowing that a partnership with Computer Aid International meets with the aims of their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

To find out how your or your organisation can get involved by donating equipment click here or sponsoring our work click here .

There are too many supporters to thank individually here but some of our supporters include:

Christian Aid

Department for International Development

Energy Saving Trust

London School of Economics


Royal Mail

Brookcourt Solutions


University of Nottingham



Computer Aid International keeps its administrative costs to an absolute minimum to ensure that any donation we receive translates into maximum development benefits possible.

We work in partnership with existing development organisations and use their local knowledge to ensure that the computers get to those who most need them.

In this way Computer Aid International is working in partnership with many established agencies, including:

- Todo Chilenter (Chile)

- Asociación de Pequeños Productores Bananeros de el Guabo (Ecuador)

- British Council Cameroon

- British Council Nigeria

- Information Technology and Development Association - ITDA (Ethiopia)

- PEACE Foundation (South Africa)

- SchoolNet Africa

- Computers for Schools in Kenya - CFSK

- Committe for the Promotion of Public Awareness and Development Studies  - COPPADES (Nepal)

World University of Bangladesh - WUB