Do you stand out from the IT crowd? Nominate a #cooltechie | 09/02/2015

With names like ‘computer nerds’ and ‘geeks’ used to describe those working in IT, it’s easy to see why the computing and IT industry struggles to attract interest as a career path from young people.
In association with Computer Weekly, Daisy Group is looking for people working in the computing and IT industry, who have interesting jobs to act as role models to teach the next generation about the range of exciting career prospects available and the benefits of working in the industry.
For many young people, trying to figure out what the future holds for them and what their career path should be is a difficult and bewildering process. Role models provide a valuable demonstration of what can be achieved and something to aspire to. The more we can relate to a person through their personal traits (e.g. age, background or interests), the more achievable their success appears to be.
For every valid nomination, Computer Aid International will receive £1. Learn more how it works and nominate your #cooltechie.