Project Management and M&E

We have a skilled and experienced project management team who oversee, monitor and evaluate our projects, providing support and resources where they are needed most. This ensures our projects reach their potential and are sustainable.

We apply a ‘bottom-up’ approach to make sure that communities receive the best hardware, software and training for their needs. Before providing equipment and training we ask our partners what they wish to gain, what they wish to learn, and what aspects of their work they find difficult or time consuming. From this we can give recommendations and provide the correct software and training necessary for our partner to reach their independent goals through technology.

By teaching 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creativity and communication collaboration as well as technical skills through IT, we have found that motivation and self-reliance can increase in different aspects of life. For example; leaders in communities have improved their electricity capacity to facilitate the use of more technology, and governance of local institutions have been better managed thanks to online communication and research.

We are proud to have managed projects on the behalf of companies such Dell and SITA, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.