Sierra Leone school – Closing the digital gap

Computer Aid is collaborating with Njala University to deliver integrated and ICT access to schools in Moyamba District in Sierra Leone. This program will provide 10 primary and secondary schools with IT learning facilities for the first time ever. This will enable IT literacy for up to 12,000 students in the next 3-4 years, helping them to secure skilled employment in later life. Computer Aid has also negotiated free internet connectivity for each of the program’s 10 schools, as part of their partnership with Sierra Leone’s Njala University.
Through this program Computer Aid want to enable fair access to IT across income levels, gender, and rural boundaries for use by students from rural and low income backgrounds as all schools identified are rural and accommodate students from low income families.
Thanks to free internet access, children will have access to a wealth of resources and teaching materials and offers the chance to participate in online collaborative programmes run nationally, regionally or even internationally. Students will benefit from knowledge shared in these programmes and develop cross-cultural awareness.
Empowering children through ICT will enable access to IT skills training for the wider community and will ignite learning ICTs in the community and begin to address the skills shortage.
Help us give children the same chances to learn as any other child in 21st century and enable them to learn skills to complete higher education degrees and have access to better employment opportunities.