Remote ICDL Training a Sucess

As part of our Digital Schools project in  Naivasha, Kenya, 28 teachers have passed and gained certification in 6 ICDL modules after over 30 hours of virtual training. This is the first time we have delivered ICDL training virtually, and we're pleased it has worked out so well. The most important factor was the commitment and dedication from the teachers, who complemented the training hours with self-learning activities.

A screenshot of zoom training

The ICDL gives teachers in our projects an internationally recognised certification which they can carry with them throughout their career. The teachers have passed 6 modules: Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheet and ICT in Education and some of them have expressed their interest in continuing with more advance modules.

The Kenya Digital Schools project in Naivasha is sponsored by Sita and Dell, and will equip 10 schools with 30 computers each and training 3 teachers at each school to cascade learning to other teachers and the students. You can find out more about the project here:

Digital Schools