Siemens join our donor list!

Engineering and Digitalisation giants Siemens have begun using our IT disposal service this month, adding more donations to our stock of computers and laptops. By using our service they are ensuring that none of their e-waste goes to landfill and giving their assets a second life where they will educate hundreds of people in ICT skills. 

By utilising our IT Disposal service, they are guaranteed:

  • Free collection if 75% of equipment is working (minimum number collected applies) 
  • Secure data-wiping, asset tracking and all the necessary certificates
  • A report of recycled vs refurbished equipment that you can incorporate in your sustainability report 
  • Compliance with the Environmental Agency regulations and the WEEE directives.
  • Information about where your equipment has gone and who it has helped

If you'd like to know how you can switch to us for your next IT refresh, head to our corporate donations page or email Darren.