Solar Learning Lab at Zithulele Village, South Africa

The Solar Learning Lab in Zithulele Village in Eastern Cape, South Africa has been deployed on the site of our local charity partner, Sihamba Sonke.  

Zithulele Village is a remote village where the local students have little access to technology. We hope this lab will be the start of a lifetime of learning for the local community.

The Solar Learning Lab program aims to enhance the educational achievement and life chances of school children in South Africa by increasing their access to 21st century resources and the opportunities they enable. 

As well as establishing a Dell Solar Powered Learning Lab and bringing access to technology for resource poor communities, the program also delivers a second output in the form of vital training to the school teacher to improve the pedagogical skills and the use of ICTs amongst educators at the school and help them integrate ICT where it is most valuable to their students. We will partner with e-learner and ICDL to help teachers at the school to deliver a tailored curriculum that will impact hundreds of students during the Solar Learning Labs’ life cycles. This will enable local educators to leverage the technology in at tht Dell Solar Powered Learning Lab so that it can be used in the most suitable and inclusive way and impact the greatest number of young people within their local community.

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